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Stimmtausch (stimmtausch) is a terminal-based MUCK client written in Go.


sudo snap install --beta stimmtausch


  • Stimmtausch 0.0.4

    In which Maddy gets writers' block and works on software instead.
  • Snipper snap

    In which Maddy navigates some bureaucracy to great (reasonable) success
  • Stimmtausch 0.0.3 and stimmtausch.vim

    In which Maddy wises from her gwave to provide s'more Stimmtauschness
  • Profiling memory usage

    In which Maddy gets disappointed and tries to figure out just what in tarnation is going on.
  • Oh no! A bug!

    Wherein Maddy tries to install Stimmtausch on a new machine and frowns *really hard* at herself.
  • Stimmtausch 0.0.2

    In which Stimmtausch manages a plurality of connections and does some fun things with commands.
  • Stimmtausch 0.0.1

    In which the very first release of Stimmtausch is announced.
  • Triggers

    In which Maddy plays with clashing colors.
  • Indentation

    In which Maddy realizes some things exist for a reason.
  • Some internals

    A brief interlude in related libraries.
  • Sending works!

    In which Maddy gets really excited about being able to log into a MUCK.
  • Stimmtausch work to date!

    In which Maddy rushed into a project without thinking it through very well.

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