Woo wow hi yay!

Was running into some writers block (though patrons will get some poems in a bit!), so I’ve been doing some work on Stimmtausch. Have accomplished the following:

  • Removed the reliance on /etc for global log files, meaning that a binary of the app can just be downloaded and run lickity split.
  • Triggers such as hilites and gags can now be world-specific
  • Help is now shown in a modal overlay, which is nice.
  • Keybindings for worldswitching: Esc+<arrows> rotates (equiv to /> and /<), and Ctrl+<square brackets> rotates to the next world with new activity (equiv to the new /] and /[)
  • A few bugfixes: (/connect without a world no longer crashes, /help while not connected no longer crashes, connecting to a disconnected world while not active does not cause world switching problems)

These are all released on the snap store in the edge and beta channels as 0.0.4rev1. Pushing is way easier now that there’s an automatic override in place. There was a bit of confusion as the wrong branch was being built in the snap, but hey, that’s fixed!