Hello hello! I am still alive! And it’s my hope that this project is starting to wake up from hibernation. I just burnt out hardcore and needed to step away from dev, but since I need capitalism to continue being an alive person in the world, I figure I ought to get back to it.

Here are a few small updates:

  • stimmtausch.client.ui.max_width setting added to restrict the maximum width (currently only of the output) to aid in reading.
  • Post-Self MUCK added, with some unique features supported (TinyMUX works well with newlines in actions and such, so a ZWNJ character used as a marker for the end of such, allowing actions to be taken on multi-line output).
  • Keepalive reduced to 1 minute from 15, because some connections decay after 5 minutes.

I’m hoping to get back on some of the features and bugs in the software to make it a bit more robust! I hope you’re doing wellllll.