Run Stimmtausch.


Run Stimmtausch.

Stimmtausch is a client for connecting to MU* servers. You can specify these in your config file, along with information used to log into them. You can run the “init” sub-command to generate a config file for you.

You may specify which worlds or servers you would like to connect to on the command line separated by spaces. For each, Stimmtausch will first look for the world named that in the config file, then the server named that in the config file if no world is found. Finally, it will try to connect to that address directly, if you specify it as “:".

For example, say you have a server named “furrymuck” and a world named “fm_fox”. You could connect to the world (which would be, say, the character Foxface on FurryMUCK) with:

stimmtausch fm_fox

Or you could connect to FurryMUCK with:

stimmtausch furrymuck

Finally, if you want to connect to another server entirely, you can do so with:


You can combine these at will, of course. if you have the world “spr_rudder”, you could connect to bot worlds, plus a new server, with:

stimmtausch fm_fox spr_rudder

For more help, see

stimmtausch [flags] [world-or-server...]


  -h, --help               help for stimmtausch
      --log-level string   level of detail to show in logs (can be TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL)


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