TinyFugue (tf) has been the gold-standard terminal MU* client for decades. However, it has largely been abandoned (thankfully in a very stable state!). Rather than attempt to take over the project and restart it, it was decided that a new client would be the best path forward: a modern client using modern tooling and design.

The name

Stimmtausch is a compositional technique that shows up in fugue. Often called “voice exchange”, it refers to the changing of motifs between the voices in a fugue which often occurs before the recapitulation. The goal was to have a name that expressed something detailed and well-thought-out. “SmallSonata” was also considered, but discarded as too twee :)


TinyFugue, of course, was a big inspiration for this project, but mm played a role as well, as a MUCK client written in Go using some interesting ideas. Many portions of mm are found in Stimmtausch, though, rather than use it as a library, it was modified to fit the design goals of the project.



Issues are organized into milestones (each of which has a project to go with it):

  1. 0.0.1 (project) - First release and packaging
  2. 0.0.2 (project) - Connecting, disconnecting, and multiple worlds
  3. 0.0.3 (project) - Logging
  4. 0.1.0 (project) - Macros
  5. 0.2.0 (project) - Max post size handling

Everything else winds up in FUTURE